Danny Roth


Graphic designer and illustrator currently living in the SF Bay area and Los Angeles. IG: @dapperdannyroth

My design philosophy: Good design tells a story. When I approach a design project, I start by asking myself: How can can I use art to tell this story, and what kinds of designs will resonate with the people that need to hear it? Sometimes, the best designs aesthetically aren’t the best way to communicate the brand, or the product, or the idea. It’s not just about what looks good, although visual appeal is critically important — it’s about creating the strongest design that communicates the setting and plot and characters of the story you’re trying to tell.
I’ve created logos, promotional materials, social media posts, posters, illustrations, and my own baseball scorebook — all of which aim to tell a story clearly and compellingly. I tend to favor sans serif typefaces and clean geometry, but neither is as important to me as communicating an idea effectively, using every tool at my disposal, from typeface to color choice to medium.
My background: I went to college at New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. where I majored in art and design. While in New York, I worked for Fisher-Price’s packaging department, where I created logos, edited toy photography and laid out packaging graphics.
After receiving a B.A. from NYU, I worked for L.A.-based startup Leap Organic Smoothies, where I created marketing materials, web graphics, and social media assets. Following my time at Leap, I worked as a production designer for PlanetArt, where I laid out and prepared greeting card files for print.
I was then Lead Brand Designer for Planet Home, a startup media company that aims to help solve the world’s environment challenges. I built Planet Home’s brand identity by designing its logo, icons, marketing materials and webpages, featured specifically for its large-scale festival hosted in September 2019 at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. I’m currently Senior Digital Designer at Agency Bell, a small marketing agency, where I design all landing pages and social ads for it’s clients’ campaigns.