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I helped design the logo for the Mash and Mold toy and helped lay out the logo and graphics for the toy’s packaging design. The image above is the final product. The toy itself comes with a moldable play sand that can be molded into different construction shapes from the show, Bob the Builder.

I began the design with some quick and rough sketches. Initially, I knew the typeface would need be playful and bold, referencing the moldable nature of the playsand.

After a reviewing with the team, I realized it would be effective for the logo to incorporate the playsand itself and I experimented with the actual product, drawing out “Mash and Mold” to see what effect it would have.

From there, the challenge was how to bring that concept to life in a realistic and compelling way. After scouring Fisher Price’s font library, I found the perfect typeface for the logo. I also played with many various Photoshop effects and techniques to find the best way at makingĀ  it look as if the words had been imprinted on the sand. The image above shows the test concept for this direction.

The logo above was the final result of tweaking the font I chose and creating the realistic look of the words imprinted on the sand. I added tire and track marks as well to lend to the realistic nature of the logo design. Ultimately, I designed a horizontal and stacked version and even exported the logo separately for UK audiences, changing the word “Mold” to “Mould.”


WORK: Logo Design

While at Fisher-Price in New York, I designed the logo for the Mash and Mold toy, a playsand that was based off of the kids show, Bob the Builder.

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