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Agency Bell is a digital marketing firm that uses the power of AI to help their clients generate the best quality leads for its law clients. As their digital designer, I recognize the level of design for law firm advertising isn’t high and I’m striving to challenge this convention in creating pages and ads that elevate this type of design.





Landing Pages

As I design Landing Pages, I’ve tried to inject some personality into the realm of law that sees very clunky marketing. By using more vibrant blues and illustrations, my goal was to help improve the conversion rate for this campaign by making the landing page more personable and trustworthy. As I’ve continued to design more pages, I’ve begun to look at what pages work and what people interact with more, and adjust to keep designing better converting and effective pages.

Digital Ads

Designing ads across Google, Facebook and Linkedin requries the same type of mindset: creating designs that are aimed at converting and getting clicks. Every detail in these ads matter as the smallest chang in color, type or layout can decide whether someone is going to click through the ad and on the landing page. Below are a sampling of designs I’ve created that are aimed at effectively converting leads. While simple in their design, I’ve used color, iconography, bold typography and strong layout to create ad experiences that are easy to understand and engage with.

Agency Bell Temporary Landing Page

While the web-build for the fully functioning website is underway, I put up a temporary landing page that features a brief overview of the company’s mission and direction.¬†

These are a few wireframes I designed in the process of creating the temporary landing page.

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