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I designed the logo and brand identity for Planet Home, which produced a three-day music festival and conference at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco featuring Snoop Dogg, Edward Norton and Bill Nye, which aimed to bring people together to help solve our planet’s most challenging environmental issues. I created a branding system and marketing campaign that included company logos, color palette, typographic system, iconography and graphic style. And I applied this graphic system across all media and marketing materials including key art, posters, web banners, out-of-home and social media ads, partner materials, promotional flyers, on-site signage and web graphics.

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Planet Home Logo

I designed the Planet Home logo with Planet Home’s mission in mind. Designing the “O” of Home as a globe was an effective way of driving Planet Home’s mission to combat global climate change. There were many iterations of the globe mark and I was inspired by Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes and the interconnectedness of today’s globe. 

Initial sketches and Refined logo concepts 

Color Palette and Typography

I chose vibrant colors that reflect a sunset and push past typical environmental color palettes of green and blue. We selected Gotham as our display font as it’s a bold and easily readable font that carries visual weight.

16 Sector Wheel Graphic

Planet Home helps people fight climate change by simplifying the climate challenges we face into 16 sectors of focus. I designed this “wheel” graphic, delineating each sector with specific icons, radiating around the Planet Home globe mark.


I designed icons to represent Planet Home’s 4 areas of focus (eat, make, move, live) and each areas 4 sectors of climate focus. The icons were displayed through the event pertaining to each exhibit’s and speaker’s agenda as well as on the Event website.

Initial sketches and refined icon concepts 

Poster Art

I used the main poster art to highlight the iconic venue the event took place in, the Palace of Fine Arts. This poster art was used across all marketing platforms, both digitally and in print.

Out-of-home Ads

These were a few of the out-of-home ads that were displayed all across San Francisco in advance of the 2019 event.

Printed Collateral

I designed various printed collateral which included business cards for over 50 employees, cards-for Planet Home’s Eco Sprints, and flyers handed out in advance of the event.

Social Media

I designed social media posts across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for each artist and speaker to use on their platforms to promote the event.

Banner Ads

I designed banner ads that ran digitally, featuring the featured talent at the event.

One Sheets

I designed multiple sales materials in advance of the event to secure sponsors and artists to perform and exhibit at the event. These are a sampling of the one sheets I designed in advance of event.

Planet Home Web

I helped design an event site with the Planet Home attendee in mind. We including exhibit, agenda, product, venue, about, media, partner, photo pages that seemlessly integrated the Planet Home branded graphics package. 

Email Newsletters

In the upcoming weeks leading up to the event, I designed email newsletters sent to Planet Home’s subscriber base on Hubspot that highlighted the exhibits, performers, and offerings for the 3-day weekend. 

On-site signage

I designed all on-site signage which including all posters, wayfinding, decals and exhibit booth signs.

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