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Planet Home Logo

I did many iterations of the globe where I wanted to show the connectedness of the planet. These were a few of the versions I drafted where I explored the topography, variations of Buckminster Fuller’s globe and a series of radiating circles.

Initially, I explored very simple versions of the planet, with not a lot of line variety. I also explored using a location specific approach to the logo as well. Collectively, my team and I decided we wanted a globe with a little more movement and complexity.

I designed the logo for Planet Home, a three day festival and conference designed to bring people together to help solve our planet’s most challenging environmental issues. I used the Buckminster Fuller globe as a starting point and I wanted to use the “O” of Home to visually represent the planet. I created the globe first in black and white and then in color. With the color version, I used golden tones to show the vibrancy and warmth of our planet while I used purple to reflect how majestic earth is and what future we’re striving towards. I ultimately, created two versions of this primary wordmark, one horizontal and one stacked.

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