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Planet Home EcoSprint


For EQ, I created cover art for an event we’d like to host called an EcoSprint, an event aimed at bringing together thought leaders from social, technological, economic, environmental, and political fields into conversation with each other, the goal to find solutions to our world’s crisis of sustainability. In these designs, my goal was in figuring out how to represent the idea of cooling the planet.

In my initial designs, shown below, I wanted to brighten EQ’s color palette to bright pinks, oranges and blues from a darker palette used in our previous event. I wanted to provide a few options for my CEO, ranging from a more conservative option (top right) that showcases ice sheets melting to a bolder option (bottom left) which features large spherical raindrops, custom typography and neon effects.

After initial feedback, I needed to go in a different direction. Upon learning the EcoSprint event would be taking place in San Francisco, I knew I wanted to utilize the Golden Gate bridge as a focal point for the event. I depicted icebergs are polygon shapes, a grid-like wave below as well as a hazy planet behind the bridge.

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