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I designed the album sleeve for Lewis Parker’s album “Frequency of Perception.” Lewis Parker is a British hip-hop artist  with 10 album releases since 1995, with over thousands of listens on Spotify.

The design of this album release draws from hip hop album covers with its bold font selection and simple photo layout. 





Initial first round rough mock-ups. We were going very simple with layout, using photos from Lewis’ photo shoot and a font that harkened back to old hip-hop and even funk album covers.

Second Round

In this second round of designs, we narrowed down a layout style that was more modular, and that utilized more grid-like space. I experimented more with blocks of black and white, and use of a border in some cases. 

Third Round of Design

In this third round, we had settled on an overall layout but needed to refine the typography and details surrounding the page. 

Final Design for Print

After finalizing the front cover, I designed a back cover in a matching style, featuring another photo of lewis, and the album track list.

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