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I designed the album sleeve for the re-release of The New Mastersound’s 2008 release “Plug & Play.” The New Mastersounds are a British Jazz Fusion and blues/funk band with 8 album releases since 2007, with over millions of listens on Spotify.

The design of this album release draws from album covers in the 60s/70s, blending funky and psychedelic typography with a vintage-duotone imaged of the featuring singer on the album, Dionne Charles.  The re-release is expected to go on sale later this year.





Initial first round rough mock-ups. We were thinking we’d go more illustrated and psychedelic but ultimately decided to tone down the funk and focus more on the band  

Second Round

In this second round of designs, I played more with the idea of styling the bands initials in a clean but soulful manner that matched the jazzy and funky tone of the band’s album. I explored using heavy slab serifs and played with various fonts in playful but clever ways, rooting color in reds and blacks.

Third Round of Design

In this third round, I tried to inject a bit more soul back into the design, and I tried to play with the ‘S’ shape as a way to do so in elongating the letter and accentuaing its curves. I also tried to reference the jazz in using piano keys to create the letters ‘N’ and ‘M.’

Fourth Round

In the fourth and almost final set of designs, I settled on the ‘S’ mark. The remaining steps dealt with how to deal with  the ‘NM’ and how to treat the album title “Plug & Play.” The album wordmark in these versions ended up being the final version and was a custom designed design that drew from 60s style psychedelic fonts.

Final Design for Print

After finalizing the “NMS lockup,” I added in the featured singer on the album, Dionne Charles, overplayed onto of the text. I also designed a back cover featuring a duotone image of her in the recording studio.

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